Bull Market or Fool’s Market? Investors Say It’s Likely the Latter

Bull Market or Fool's Market

Bull Market or Fool’s Market In the world of finance and investments, market sentiment plays a crucial role in shaping the direction of stock prices and the overall market performance. The recent article published on MSN Money examines the current state of the market and provides insights from investors who believe it’s leaning towards a … Read more

Lost Your Job? now what? just thinking 2024


Take Time to Process Your Emotions: Assess Your Finances: Review Your Employee Benefits: File for Unemployment Benefits: Update Your Resume and Online Presence: Expand Your Skillset: Network and Seek Support: Boeing CEO Meets with India’s PM to Discuss Historic Air India Order Lost Your Job? now what? just thinking 2024

3 way Do You Think You’re Rich?

Do You Think You're Rich

Do You Think You’re Rich? In today’s society, the concept of wealth and what it means to be rich can vary greatly from person to person. Financial stability and prosperity are often considered a significant measure of success. But how do Americans perceive their own wealth? In this blog post, we explore an insightful article … Read more

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